Brooke Singer / French for Rabbits

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About the Mentor

Brooke Singer is a songwriter, musician, publicist and teacher. She currently writes and performs as half of the dream-folk duo French for Rabbits, who followed up their debut LP Spirits with a 14 date European tour.

Brooke has been part of our programmes since 2015 and has mentored at Logan Park High School in Dunedin and the YAMI (Youth and Adults in the Music Industry) Summit in Wanaka.

Based in Christchurch, Brooke is also known for her work as a publicist and mentor to folk musicians (Jess Chambers, Amiria Grenell, Matthew Pickering) and is a wealth of knowledge on music funding, social media, promotion and DIY touring. She can offer insight into songwriting, how to survive as an indie musician, publishing and more.


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