Iva Lamkum

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About the Mentor

Born and raised in Wellington to Chinese Samoan parents, striking neo-soul singer Iva (pronounced E-va) Lamkum cultivated a love of music in high school, without ever dreaming it would become her career.

"We used to just sit in the courtyard at school, and we'd just jam on the guitar, and I had friends who rapped, so it was just a fun thing that we did."

She took music and drama as subjects, and learnt to play drums and guitar. But it was songwriting that really pushed her buttons.

Iva has been mentoring for our programmes since 2010.

Teacher Greg Crayford, Rongotai College, Wellington said,

"It was fantastic for our young PI & Maori students to have a PI role model, working in the industry and making a name for herself."