Geoff Ong - ‘Don’t Know You No More’ Single & Video Release

October 12th 2018
Geoff Ong is back, with a brand new R&B/Pop banger, the infectiously upbeat ‘Don't Know You No More', accompanied by a tongue-in-cheek video clip directed by Lochana Wijesundera.

Following on from his last single, ‘Fingerprints', which landed Geoff into the official NZ Music Charts as well as gaining radio play on The Edge and ZM, 'Don't Know You No More' is an equally reminiscent track that reflects on the ebb and flow of life's relationships with catchy melody that won't quit.

Speaking of his single Geoff says, "Don't Know You No More is about the moment you realise that someone who you used to know intimately is a stranger again. Like, ok, we're still friends on Facebook and stuff and sometimes we'll like each other's posts, but beyond that, I have no idea who they even are anymore. Sometimes it's a gradual realisation, but for me it was a sudden one, and that's what inspired the song".
A self-proclaimed "pop star for dorks", Geoff's sound is fresh and upbeat, but at the heart of it all is a true representation of who he is as a person and his dedication to creating authentic and relatable music. Away from the scene, Geoff is passionate about issues surrounding race and cultural identity, particularly the visibility of Asian New Zealanders in arts and music.

He'll be celebrating his single release on October the 12th at Cassette Nine with support from Imugi. Pre-sale tickets are available from Under The Radar.

"Hitting the mark on capturing the long-lasting emotions of a breakup, Geoff Ong transcends to lyrical excellence that many emerging artists can only fathom to reach. With a very professional and clean first single, the sky's the limit for the New Zealand artist. World, welcome pop music's newest prodigy, Geoff Ong" - The Pit London on ‘Fingerprints'
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