HINA - Scratch

August 7th 2020
Igniting the interest sparked with her first soul-infused single ‘Libertine', HINA releases ‘Scratch', the second single from her upcoming EP, on all streaming platforms.

After being swiftly written by the artist in one sitting, ‘Scratch' was
organically developed over the course of a few weeks with the help of Seth Haapu,
Ria Hall, and Fran Kora as part of the Pao Pao Pao music mentoring program.

HINA has been performing a stripped back version of ‘Scratch' as part of her live set
for Auckland Live's Summer in the Square series earlier in the year, during lockdown
on Ed Waaka's livestream show E NOHO Live, and last month as part of The
Weekly Mix in Aotea Center.

Excited to finally release the self-produced track, HINA says the sentiment behind
‘Scratch' has been evolving since its conception. "Fran [Kora] really helped me to
define who I'm speaking to in this song - it can be taken very literally or more
metaphorically. It may seem lyrically straightforward, but for me personally, the
conceited attitude is super tongue in cheek. The core idea is really about valuing
myself in order to both give and receive love that's safe from ego."

‘Scratch' is now available on all streaming platforms including Spotify and Apple
Music. Keep in touch - @hinabeaming on Instagram and Facebook.


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