Mild Orange Release Debut Album 'Foreplay'

April 18th 2018

Mild Orange hails from Dunedin, New Zealand. Their music is an eclectic of 'melting melodies', with an energy and vibrancy derived from a lust for smooth sounds. The term ‘melting melodies' is used to describe the band's playful, yet pensive sound. This feel is captured in their self-produced debut album, ‘Foreplay'.
‘Foreplay' was produced, mixed and engineered by vocalist Josh Mehrtens (except for Stranger (Tom Bell at Chicks Hotel)). It is unmistaken that the band has made this album with absolute passion, love and care for their craft.

The songs on ‘Foreplay' had their early beginnings in 2016 when early childhood friends Josh Mehrtens and Josh Reid reunited, finding themselves living together in a crazy ten-person flat in Dunedin and spending many nights together writing music. Jump forward a year and Mild Orange came into fruition when they were joined by bassist Tom Kelk and drummer Jack Ferguson. After one show together the band then found themselves playing on a Corona Extra NZ tour, followed by a NYE slot at Rhythm and Vines.
Mild Orange wanted to make an album in their own time and at their leisure, thus they took it upon themselves to record, produce and mix over a period of six months. ‘Foreplay' touches on the themes of love from a distance, the balance between work and play, naïve love, aspirations, the come-up of love and confusion. It does this while maintaining swooning undertones. In all senses, the album conveys the notion of growth - the growth of the Mild Orange sound, the growth of the bands skills and craft, the growth of the band since their childhood friendships, and a growth in understanding the transition to adulthood.

Mild Orange are celebrating the release of their album by touring New Zealand with their fellow Dunedinite friends, Jack Berry Band.

Tour info: 
Wellington - Thursday 19th April - Caroline (with DJ Snakelegs aka Alexa Casino)
Auckland - Friday 20th April - Dogs Bollix (with Halps)
Christchurch - Friday 27th April - New City Hotel (with The Butlers)
Dunedin - Thursday 3rd May - Ubar (Hoochie World)
Dunedin - Friday 11th May - TBC (with Old Boy)

Tickets available here. 


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