New Releases From Stef Animal and the Shifting Sands

February 15th 2018
Stef Animal presents 'Top Gear' - her debut album of "op-shop mysticism" celebrating obsolete digital music technology and The Shifting Sands follow their acclaimed 'Cosmic Radio Station' album with a new 7" single.

Stef Animal releases Top Gear (CD/ DL)

Stef Animal (The Golden Awesome) presents her debut solo release "Top Gear" - a concept album of fifteen tracks, each conceived and recorded in one session, each track made using a different piece of obsolete or unfashionable music equipment. The result is a collection of lo-fi epic miniatures. Even if you didn't grow up with Atari video games, have no idea what Acorn and Commodore computers are or what acronyms like PCM and MIDI mean, you'll still find the intricate universe of sound represented on "Top Gear" to be full of adventure, wonder, human emotion and melancholic weight.

UK website Electronic North loved the first single "Owl" from the album saying "it has more invention that you'd hear on many albums; a glorious collision of fantasy game soundtrack and Enya style baroque ambiance where retro sounds meet high art, but in a listenable and enchanting form. If lo-fi epics weren't a thing before, they are now!"

The Shifting Sands release 7" single Zoe / Run

Recorded in Manny's Estudio International in East Los Angeles by The Shifting Sands after the band toured the West Coast of the USA supporting David Kilgour and the Heavy Eights, this 7" single continues on from the saturated guitar rock of their Cosmic Radio Station album.

Joining the Shifting Sands for the sessions was guest guitarist Steven Schayer - an LA-based musician with NZ connections, having played in The Chills during the early 90's US-based "Soft Bomb" album era. Steven and studio owner/ recording engineer Manny Nieto brought a different flavour to complement the independent DIY No. 8 wire approach of The Shifting Sands.  The 7" single is packaged in a laminated heavy card sleeve illustrated by regular video collaborator and Port Chalmers, Dunedin artist Veronica Brett.


These releases and more are available from record stores in NZ and the UK/ Europe or direct from Fishrider Records in the Southern Hemisphere and from Occultation Recordings in the Northern Hemisphere.



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