VTMNK Announce Single Release 'Red Wine'

November 9th 2018

VTMNK ('Vitamin K') are a Dunedin duo breaking the stigma about musicians suffering from physical disabilities and mental illness.

VTMNK are releasing their third single 'Red Wine' on 27th November 2018. Produced by Timothy Greenslade at Greenslade Music. VTMNK are in the process of planning a nationwide tour in February 2019 and are amidst sharing their music with New Zealand.

"A Dunedin Duo hotter than last night's couch burning" (gig attendee), VTMNK are a mash up of rocker influence and jazz vocal techniques. Both suffering physical and mental limitations are no match for the duo. Latham Hunt on guitar and Veronika Bell ('VK') sings vocals. VTMNK's sound is a mix between indie-rock, reggae and neo-punk with the additional use of live looping techniques making VTMNK's sound refreshingly unique. VTMNK creates songs with the ideology of longevity and using music to use as a means against societal injustices. 'Red Wine' outlines a direct experience with sexual abuse in Dunedin nightclubs with the victim singing of hope aided with a glass of bittersweet red wine.

Latham and VK met spontaneously at an open mic night in early 2017 and have consistently made music ever since. VTMNK's previous two single releases were released on all streaming platforms earlier this year. Gaining fans right through New Zealand to some listeners tuning in from The States and Sweden. NZ producers Clint Murphy and Greg Haver described VTMNK's sound as promising and showcasing unique musicianship. VTMNK are in the process of recording an acoustic concept album of 10 of their songs in a more intimate and singer/songwriter setting. By doing so, VTMNK hopes that their listeners will connect with their music on a more spiritual level. Emotive lyricism and intricate guitar riffs intertwine into a melodic masterpieces; relishing in past experiences, societal injustices and how difficult it can be as a musician suffering with a physical or mental illness.


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